Sweating Ink: The Writer’s Workout

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If you wanted to run a marathon, you would most likely prepare with months of training and conditioning. You’d start off small, like power walking every day. You’d increase the duration of your walks daily, and eventually you would go from walking to running. Every day of sweat and sore muscles would bring you one step closer to becoming a marathon runner.

Exercising-the-BrainJust like exertion of the body, exertion of the mind via writing requires just as much dedication, focus, and discipline.

Right now you might be saying something like the following:

“Sure – writing takes time, but I can lock myself in the office for a weekend and finish a whole book. Easy!”

I for one am not doubting anyone’s ability to sprint through a writing project. However, being a writer – a real professional writer – isn’t about how fast you can write a project. Writing is about…

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